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Name: Stephanie
Age: Thirteen
Sex: Female
Pictures (at least 3 clear): 
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that one was before I got my haircut.

*choose only 1 explaining why you chose it*
Band: Brand New. I love their lyrics, there seems to be a song for every mood I am in.
Solo Singer: Ben Kweller. Just because his songs are so fun to sing in the shower when you have soap suds all over you.
Color: Lime green, its just really bright. I love it.
Movie: That would have to be American Beauty.To me, that movie has proved so many points and can teach people many lessons.
Author: hmm, probably stephan king, I love his books, I have had to read most of them!
Actor (male or female): Ashton Kutcher, ever since I saw butterfly effect I have always thought of him as more then just a hot guy. He is also an awesome actor.


Rating Communities: can be pretty cool, but can be pretty cold hearted if you ask me. Sometimes it seems like if you have a different opinion then everyone else your automaticaly stupid for thinking that.
The Presidential Election: To be honest I havent really been paying attention to it. I dont like both canidates all that much so I am just staying out of it.
The war on Iraq: I think its time we leave. I mean we should probably finish the last bit but not start anything new. Its not our country so lets not make up the rules or anything for something that isnt ours.
Suicide: This is a sensitive subject. I myself almost died from suicide, I really do think its horrible that someone can be so unhappy that they would want to die. Yeah you guys probably do think its the "chickens way out" and it is, but sometimes the "the chickens way out" seems so much better then going through all the shit that some people go through like myself.
Trends: I have never followed trends, I just went with what I liked.

Other stuff

What is your favorite letter and why? The letter S. Haha I just like writing it on papers.
Do you like singing in the shower? yes! I dont remember the last time I didnt sing in the shower!
If so what do you sing? Mostly Ben Kweller, but at times I will sing some Slipknot if I am angry.
If Your best friend betrayed you what would you do? I already know how that is, and to be honest I was a complete mess, knowing that someone that you considered you best friend stabbed you in the back hurts extremely bad.
What's your dream career? Probably to be an Equine Massuse. Or anything to do with animals, but being a writer would be fun too.
Why should you be in the community? Cause I am always pretty active, I am easy to get along with, I dont cause drama, and I would promote.


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