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Name: Jaci
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Pictures (at least 3 clear): up there.

*choose only 1 explaining why you chose it*
Band: Scarling, because i'm listening to them right now.
Solo Singer: Trent Reznor, because hes hott ;)
Color: pink, because its fun :)
Movie: Party Monster, because its amazing.
Author: Harold Schechter, because hes amazing.
Actor (male or female): haha, Marilyn Manson

Rating Communities: ...are cool?
The Presidential Election: i don't even know what i'm supposed to be doing.
The war on Iraq: sucks.
Suicide: is for the weak.
Trends: are icky :)

Other stuff
What is your favorite letter and why? Vs, because they're pretty :)
Do you like singing in the shower? yes
If so what do you sing? a lot of stuff
If Your best friend betrayed you what would you do? ...eh. i dunno, sing the mexican hat dance song?
What's your dream career? being a serial killer!
Why should you be in the community? because i'm in mad *hearts* with holly ;) but shh! don't tell Chelly!

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