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Name: Nicole
Age: 12
Sex: Female
Pictures (at least 3 clear):

<img src="">
<img src="">

<img src="">

^ im not sure if the pictures will come out, and if they do i dont think they are clear, but ill let you know.

*choose only 1 explaining why you chose it*
Blink 182. Not only are all the band members oh-so-sexy, Tom DeLonge`s voice is so unique and amazing, Mark is so young and free ( not married hehe ) and Travis is an AMAZING drummer. I think the best i`ve ever heard.
Solo Singer: Hmm. Avril. My friend got me into her.. Amy. SHE KEPT SIGNING AVRIL so i started listening to her, and shes also the only soloist i can think of. And i love her voice.
Color: Black. Its very mysterious and dark.
Movie: I dont really have a movie.. but The Secret Window comes to mind. Its probably the only freaky-awesome movie i`ve seen. Johnny Depp is fun to look at and it kept you guessing. Plus you figure things out on your own, and its very unpredictable.
Author: Haha i hate reading. So i dont pay attention to the author. But whoever wrote Gingerbread. Because that was an awesome book.
Actor (male or female): Another tough one. I dont really have an opinion... I dont watch much movies so i`d have to go with Matt Lablanc ( Joey from friends ) Hes super funny and cute. I love his expressions.

Rating Communities: Excellent. I think everyone should know the truth. Although it all depends on personality in my mind, its fun to know if you`re the latest attraction. Plus all rumors you hear.. You just want to know the truth
The Presidential Election: Ahh i dont care. Kerry. Because change is good.
The war on Iraq: Stupid. Upsetting. Tiring. Pointless. It makes me cry sometimes to hear about all the innocent people suffer..Im not a prep XD
Suicide: No. I mean its ok if you`re dying and your life is ruined. But that never happens. Suicide is quitting life, and without life you have nothing. There is always something out there living for... Im not a prep. I swear XD
Trends: ahh Who cares. I used to be one of those people who always followed the trends but then i realized its a lot more fun to be your own person. Trends are overrated. once its over, you wasted money and have extra clothes that you`ll never wear again.

Other stuff
What is your favorite letter and why? uhhh 3
Do you like singing in the shower? YEAH. who doesnt?
YEAH. who doesnt? If so what do you sing? Usually Blink 182. No suprises there. Or whatever i was just listening to.
If Your best friend betrayed you what would you do? Get rid of him/her and let life live its course. Find another one, best friends are a dime a dozen.
What's your dream career? Physcologist. I want to try to can prevent people from going through some of the crap ive gone through and wished i had someone to talk to about it.

Why should you be in the community? BECAUSE IM AMYS FRIEND. Enough said 8)

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