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Stories and Alibis

Nicole * Niki*
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Pictures (at least 3 clear):

Look at my ugly self :-) oh yeaaa


*choose only 1 explaining why you chose it*
Fall Out boy- Bascially cause t hey kick ass in concert...There one of those bands that you could 500 times and never get bored of them.
Solo Singer: well I dont really have a favorite solo singer... I like Stephen Christian that singer of Anberlin cause hes so funny when he sings...You have to see them live to know what Im talking about
Color: Green-I love green because its cheerful haha..I also love green cause when you slide down grass you dont get grass stains :-)
Movie:Donnie Darko- All I have to say is Jake Gyllenhaal.
Author: J.K. Rowlings. I love her because well she wrote Harry Potter and Im in love with Harry Potter.
Actor (male or female):Jesse McCartney- Hes the kid on Summerland. Honestly I loved him from when he was in Dream Street because im a nerd...Im an Open Dream Street lover haha.

Rating Communities: I guess there cool, I mean I have never joined one so this one is my first but amber asked me to join and since amber is cool I joined :-)
The Presidential Election: I think John Kerry should win. Im not going to force what I think on anyone but if you have seen what Bush has down for the Us I think you'd vote for Kerry to.
The war on Iraq: I think its pointless. Iraq wasnt behind 9/11 so why are we there?? Where there because Bush wanted to make sure he finished what his father couldnt. Plus after seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 it really has opened my eyes as to why where not after Osma and why where in Iraq.. Anyone into this type of stuff should go see that movie :-)
Suicide: I think now and days thats like the popular thing " Omg my hair is messed up imma kill myself". People who openy say they wanna commit suicide rarely ever do. I think its the cheap way out. But thats just how I view it. I dont think anyone should ever have to feel so bad that they feel suicide is there only answer...
Trends: There stupid... But I mean where would the world be today with out trends..Theres nothing you can reallydo about it.

Other stuff
What is your favorite letter and why? "s" cause I was always very good at making my 's' look pretty in grade school haha.
Do you like singing in the shower? I used to when I was little, now I dont have enough time to sing in the shower cause im usually in and out in 10 mins.
If so what do you sing? I used to sing Backstreet boys...I loved them when I was 9
If Your best friend betrayed you what would you do? Been down that road... I moved on.. You dont friends in your live who go behide you back and betray you.
What's your dream career? Working as a CSI and that was way before the show came out...
Why should you be in the community? I think I should be in this community because im funny but in a sense I can be serious. I like to speak my mind and I like to get into to topic and stuff.. I dunno I tink i could make it fun
-Love Niki

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